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  • Cotton Satin FR Fabric
    Cotton Satin FR Fabric
    FRCOTTON® fabric is weave by 100% pure nature cotton, and treated by DROTEX FR technology which is one of the most innovative FR finish rechnology and makes the FRCOTTON® textiles not only with excellent FR feature but also much more eco-friendly and harm

    Xinxiang Zhuocheng Special Textile Co.,Ltd [Verified]

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  • PET Nonwoven Fabric
    PET Nonwoven Fabric
    1.High strength, small difference in longitudinal and transverse strength.2.Acid & Alkali Resistance, non-toxic, non-radiation, harmless to human physiology.3.With good permeability.4.Masterbatch coloring, never fade.5.Non-woven post-processing, including

    Yiwu Guanghong Non-Woven Co.,Ltd [Verified]

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  • Whiting SSS Nonwoven Fabric
    Whiting SSS Nonwoven Fabric
    1.Dust free workshop and 24 hours on-site inspection & professional laboratory, ensure healthy and safety.2.IQC(Incoming Quality Control), IPQC(Input Process Quality Control), FQC(Final Quality Control), cover quality control elements.3.Perfect quality co

    Yiwu Guanghong Non-Woven Co.,Ltd [Verified]

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